Fabtech Systems is now exclusive distributor of the Bartlett Tendon Universal Knee System—the most natural and adaptable knee available in the O&P industry

Fabtech Systems has now added the Bartlett Tendon Universal Knee (BTK) to its innovative line-up of O&P products. Fabtech Systems serves as master distributor as well as partial manufacturer (Fabtech’s Composite 1 adhesive and carbon “on-the-spot” connectors are used in the production process).

The BTK is the only knee of its kind in the O&P industry that can be used in virtually any physical activity—from extreme downhill skiing to riding bikes with the family to simple rehabilitative regimens.

Its creative design mimics the smooth, fluid motion of a natural knee by integrating the use of a proprietary soft and hard tendon system combined with the newest air/oil shock technology on the market.

Designed by professional downhill mountain biker and extreme sports enthusiast Brian Bartlett, the BTK has years of proven performance in the most demanding and extreme levels of use.

Experiencing a field amputation at the beginning of his semi-professional extreme skiing career, Bartlett refused to slow down. “I quickly realized in order to remain dynamic in my sport I also needed to be safe. But, at the time, there weren’t any prosthetic knees available that provided the unique amount of compression and fluid motion I was looking for. Those knees all had large coil spring designs that generated harsh, jerky mechanical performance.”

After years of R&D, tenacity and “outside-of-the-box” thinking, the BTK was developed.

The BTK’s unique design smoothes out the knee action as it bends and extends through its cycle. Its level of resistance can be “tuned” by switching the tendons in different configurations in combination with adjusting the shock settings and pressure.

A few physical activities (among a long list) that are well suited for the BTK: skiing, surfing, mountain biking, skate boarding, swimming, muscle building, promoting general fitness and increasing active, quality time with friends and family.