Reaktiv Modular Dynamic Bracing
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Reaktiv Modular Dynamic Bracing
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Movement is Life Modular design adapts to you Over 175 Reaktiv Brace System providers across the USA. Reaktiv Braces Transform Lives
Industry standard fabrication methods Achieve personal and professional goals

Reaktiv Modular Dynamic Bracing

Reaktiv Modular Dynamic Bracing by Fabtech Systems

Resolve hard to treat foot and ankle conditions.

What is a Reaktiv Brace?
ReAktiv Braces built with PDE are the leading edge custom composite GAFO/ Hybrid Prosthesis Orthosis built with the PDE™ modular spring system and Click Medical Revo Fit Closure System®.

Originally designed to partially offload the foot and ankle to relieve pressure and pain addressing complex lower limb injuries and other indications that result in patient pain. ReAktiv braces differ from other competing braces on the market, first and foremost by providing a modular easily changeable spring system that can be tuned and swapped to meet patients' specific needs in their daily life or as their conditions change.

ReAktiv braces are custom manufactured to your patient's unique anatomy using lightweight carbon composite materials which aid in absorbing impact forces at heel strike, store energy throughout stance and release that energy at toe-off. These features aid to normalize gait and reduce or remove pain in many instances.

Click Medical Revo Fit technology secures the device in a fixed position at the cuff and allows daily adjustments by the patient in a way that is substantially more secure and effective than a simple Velcro strap.

Reaktiv Braces help patients regain their freedom, achieve personal and professional goals, return to active lifestyles & most importantly reduce or end their pain.

Built with PDE™
The PDE ( posterior dynamic element ) is a modular spring system that takes the guesswork out of building dynamic carbon braces.

The Most Comfortable Brace Available
The Click Medical Revo Fit Boa Closure System on the cuff offers secure, quick donning. Unlocking the dial opens the cuff to allow the patient to enter the device. Inside there is a flexible liner that eliminates any pinch issues. To secure the brace, all you do is close the dial down and turn it until the cuff snugs. At any time the patient wants to relieve pressure on the cuff, a quick pull of the dial loosens the cuff to allow for comfort.

We made it simple!
Fabricating Reaktiv braces involves industry standard methods used for composite brace fabricaton. If your provider is versed in fabricating laminated prosthetics or orthotic devices, then they can make a Reaktive Brace.

How do I get Reaktiv?
You can have your O&P provider build the custom composite bracing in-house or have our fabrication services do it for you! The old way: Most custom braces are under the strict control of one company. They regulate channels of access, which can complicate delivery and treatment plans for your patient.

The Reaktiv Open Provider Network
Reaktiv is disrupting the old model . We made our brace system open, accessible and easier to be modified. Solving issues for both patients and providers. Currently there are over 175 Reaktiv Brace System providers across the USA. We continue to educate and sign up new providers weekly.

When your local O&P provider needs ReAktiv Brace System training or does not have the fabrication capabilities, we've got you covered.

  • We offer Reaktiv Brace System training and related documentation online
  • We offer Zoom meeting video training and support upon request
  • We offer fabrication services to build the brace for your provider based on their assessment and cast of the patient


  • Modular design
  • 9 weight / activity spring choices
  • Contoured fit spring
  • Low profile
  • Exclusive Click Medical cuff system
  • Post alignable
  • Reusable
  • Clinically proven results
  • Patent pending

What Reaktiv delivers:

  • Walk with greater fluency and stability
  • Participate in higher level activities such as running
  • Change the spring stiffness / rebound to alter walking mechanics
  • Swap the PDE spring stiffness / rebound depending on the activity that they are doing
  • Change the ankle alignment of the device depending on the activity that they are doing
  • Adjust the ankle alignment of the device depending on the heel height of the shoe that the patient is wearing
  • Change the fit of the upper cuff on demand

Who can Reaktiv help ? ( Indications )

  • Talus fractures
  • Tibial fractures
  • Calcaneal fractures
  • Posterior tibial nerve injuries
  • Peroneal nerve injuries
  • Soft tissue injury or loss
  • Partial foot amputations
  • Nerve/muscle loss below knee
  • Dorsiflexion and/or plantarflexion deficit or loss of
  • CVA
  • MS
  • Charcot Marie Tooth disease
  • Weak dorsiflexion
  • Peroneal palsy
  • Complex fractures
  • Achilles Tendon treatment
  • Patients that desire to run or return to recreational sports
  • Chronic untreatable foot or ankle pain


  • Prevent drop foot
  • Prevent falling
  • Stabilize gait
  • Reduce foot contractures
  • Improve ambulation through energy return
  • Improve quality of life
  • Decrease pain/increase ambulation time (or activity level)

Have your brace made with our Cfab and receive the PDE Spring for free!

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