Bounders Free Range
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Bounders Free Range
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Bounders Free Range Min - 25lbs & Under Medium - Most commonly used Max - 75lbs & Above
Bounders Free Range: No Tools Adjustments! "Sutti" the Bounder Roo :) Official Bounders Fabrication Partner

Bounders Free Range
Bounders Pediatric Modular Dynamic Bracing. Resolve hard to treat pediatric foot and ankle conditions.
Sutti Bounders store & return energy  mimicking normal muscle function.

Sutti Bounders store & return energy
mimicking normal muscle function.

New "Sutti Bounders" modular pediatric dynamic elastomers are a patent pending elastomer technology that offer two progressive solutions. Sutti Bounders store and return energy - mimicking normal muscle function to produce both eccentric and concentric contractions and if needed, a ground reaction force. Smart and simple modular design, standardized sizes and three levels of performance to choose from add up to an easy to use expandable dynamic system to treat your pediatric and young adult patient base.

Sutti Bounders are a perfect choice for:

  • Crouch gait
  • Weak or absent forefoot push off
  • Insufficient anterior control of tibia
  • Low tone with poor proprioception
  • Spastic Diplegia
  • Spasticity
  • Developmental delays

Sutti Bounders deliver results:

  • Limits tibial progression to produce a ground reaction
  • Produces active plantar-flexion
  • Eccentric control to assist with smooth progression of the tibia
  • Controlled kinesthetic awareness
  • Works with patient's muscles to provide support for normal gait
  • Reduces the effects of Dystonia through increased proprioception
  • Tone reducing

Bounders Free Range
AFO Height Length Color Energy Rating* Part #
8in min (241.3mm) 2" ( 50.8mm ) Green Min BFR2G
8in min (241.3mm) 2" ( 50.8mm ) Red Med** BFR2R
8in min (241.3mm) 2" ( 50.8mm ) Blue Max BFR2B
10in min (254mm) 2.5in ( 63.5mm ) Green Min BFR2.5G
10in min (254mm) 2.5in ( 63.5mm ) Red Med** BFR2.5R
10in min (254mm) 2.5in ( 63.5mm ) Blue Max BFR2.5B

Applicable L-Codes
L1970 L2820 L2280 L2270 L2200 L2220 L2330

Please Note: Proper Coding is ultimately up to the practitioner and the practice. Please use the information only as a guide to possible code utilization. You must document the patient condition in the patient encounter notes in order to justify some of the associated coding.
* Energy Rating / Stored Mechanical Energy / Rebound & Resistance Action.
** Red / Medium are the most commonly used.
Bounders are a Patent Pending product.

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Kinematic Improvements: The official Bounders Bracing Fabrication Partner
Kinematic Improvements
Official Bounders Bracing Fabrication Partner

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